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Working with a digital agency in 2024 – key trends and billing models 

In today’s rapidly changing world of e-commerce, working with a digital agency has become a key component of many companies’ marketing strategies. In 2024, we see two clear trends that will define an effective model of collaboration between brands and agencies. These are a deeper involvement of agencies in companies’ business strategies and innovative billing models. 

Working with a digital agency in 2024 – deeper agency involvement in business strategies     

The importance of synergy between in-house and agency resources   

In an increasingly complex business environment, a key trend is to seek synergies between in-house teams and agency resources. By becoming involved not only in marketing activities, but also in IT-level discussions and strategic business planning, performance agencies are becoming an integral part of their clients’ teams. This approach enables the use of the helicopter view – an objective view of the brand and its proposition that provides a fresh perspective and the ability to identify unique value in the market context. 

Working with an agency – the benefits of an external view of the brand   

Agencies, with their experience of working on diverse projects, can offer a perspective that helps brands better understand their market position and unique strengths. This enables companies to communicate their values and competitive advantages more effectively, increasing their chances of attracting and retaining customers.    

Working with a digital agency in 2024 – innovative billing models   

Billing based on the success of joint activities   

The second major trend in working with performance agencies is the introduction of progressive billing models, such as revenue-based billing. Such a model requires both parties – the company and the agency – to share in the successes and failures, which motivates greater collaboration and innovation. However, this requires a stable e-commerce market position and the ability to anticipate market trends in order to effectively plan and execute marketing strategies. 

Challenges and conditions for success    

Adopting such billing models requires transparency in communication and the full involvement of both parties in the decision-making process. Openness in sharing margin and revenue information is essential to building mutual trust and effective collaboration. 

Working with a digital agency – the importance of data and customer management 

In addition to the above trends, an important aspect of marketing strategies in 2024 is the effective use of data to personalize offers and increase customer engagement. Managing and monetizing user relationships requires innovative approaches and the use of modern tools such as marketplace platforms and video advertising on social media platforms, particularly TikTok.