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GMP Products Reselling GMP Products Reselling

Each tool is licensed separately, but you can purchase it as a Google Marketing Platform full stack.

Please send us a brief to get more information on the pricing model along with the terms and conditions of using the GMP ecosystem.
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Media License

How the licenses purchase process looks like?


For DV360, CM360 and SA360 licences:

  • we need approximately 3 working days to prepare a tailored offer
  • when the contract for the purchase of new GMP accounts is signed, we need additional 5 working days to grant access to accounts

If you already have GMP licences but you are looking for better conditions, the migration process of current GMP accounts from another Sales Partner is easy and transparent. We will help you with all formalities that are necessary to change the Sales Partner.


Please contact us for more information.

Display & Video 360 is a single tool dedicated to running programmatic display campaigns, in which you can plan campaigns, design and manage creatives, organize and apply audience data, find and buy inventory, measure and optimize campaigns.

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Campaign Manager 360 is a combination of Adserver and an advanced reporting tool. It cooperates with DV 360 and Studio enabling the implementation of advanced Rich Media campaigns based on internal and external data.

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Search Ads 360 helps you to manage, automate and optimize your paid search campaigns. Search Ads 360 allows you automate daily PPC’s tasks – from keyword creation and ad copy changes to inventory management, across all markets, languages and search engines.

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Studio is a complete solution to build and manage engaging digital ads, from custom video to dynamic creative.

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Analytics License

For Google Analytics 360 and Optimize 360 licences:

  • We need approximately 2 weeks to prepare tailored offer with the best pricing possible
  • We will ask you for average monthly number of hits that you want to analyze on your website in order to be able to prepare a tailored offer.

Basic terms of using of a GA360 licence:

  • Each GA360 licence starts on the 1st day of each month
  • It is valid for 12 months or 24 months
  • The base licence has its base tier for number of hits and there is additional fee for hits overages
  • Possible monthly or yearly payments

Google Analytics 360 gives your business the tools you need to better understand your customers. You can then use those insights to take action, such as improving your website, creating tailored audience lists, and more.

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Optimize 360 allows to carry out tests and advanced personalization on the website. It provides you with the best digital insights, which can improve your business.

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Google Tag Manager 360 gives you simple and reliable tag management that integrates with systems you already use. Customization features allow you to adapt Tag Manager 360 to suit your exact needs. You’ll be able to launch tags faster and make swifter, better decisions about where and how to use them.

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