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Plan your switch to the latest version of Search Ads 360

1 ) Upgrade to the new version Search Ads 360 

  • Schedule the upgrade before the previous version’s shutdown. 

2) Benefits of upgrading 

  • Workload reduction and improved ad performance. 
  • Access to new campaign types and enterprise features. 

3) Innovations in the new version 

  • Automated workflows and enhanced reporting. 
  • Improved enterprise integrations and billing simplification. 

4) Performance Center for budget management 

  • Advanced budgeting, forecasting, and planning. 
  • Improved campaign performance through bid optimization. 

5) Upgrade notifications 

  • Stay alert for eligibility notifications. 
  • Take prompt action to leverage new features. 

Make a plan to switch to the latest edition of Search Ads 360, which offers better support for search engines, enterprise-level features, and enhanced tools for performance and planning. Search Ads 360 has been a popular choice for managing cross-channel search campaigns for over a decade. The latest version has been designed based on feedback from users, with continuous improvements added over time to cater to marketers’ evolving needs.

Upgrade to the latest version of Search Ads 360 

Most advertisers can schedule their upgrade to the new Search Ads 360, with access to the previous version available until early next year. However, certain features may be phased out in preparation for the shutdown next year. Users will receive an in-product notification prompting them to schedule their upgrade, which can be deferred until January 2024 if desired. To ensure a smooth transition, it is advisable to schedule the upgrade well in advance of the previous version’s shutdown, expected between February and April 2024. 

Benefits of upgrading to the new version

Early adopters of the new Search Ads 360 have reported a reduction in workload by up to 20%, with improved ad performance by combining Floodlight bidding with the new campaign types. Upon completion of the upgrade, advertisers will have access to the latest campaign types and enterprise features. The new version simplifies cross-channel campaign management with its modern user interface and improved support for Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo! Japan. 

Innovations in the new Search Ads 360 are designed to automate workflows for advertisers, such as the automated campaign builder, Templates, which uses data feeds to create and update ads at scale. The new version also includes enhanced reporting, improved enterprise integrations, and billing simplification.

Performance Center for budget management 

Performance Center is a key feature of the new Search Ads 360, offering advanced budget management capabilities, forecasting, and planning across multiple campaign groups. Advertisers who have upgraded to the new version have praised Performance Center and bid optimization for improving campaign performance.

All users will receive notifications when they become eligible to upgrade in the coming months.