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Full Stack Experts wants you for Microsoft Advertising Full Stack Experts wants you for Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising provides a powerful platform for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience through online advertising. With a wide range of targeting options and access to unique audiences through Microsoft's extensive network, Microsoft Advertising offers a competitive advantage to businesses looking to drive more conversions and grow their customer base.

Microsoft Advertising Partner

Extensive audience

Microsoft Advertising provides access to a large and diverse audience, with over 180 million unique monthly searches in Europe alone, making it a valuable channel for businesses to reach potential customers.

Targeting capabilities

Microsoft Advertising offers advanced targeting options, including geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting, which allows businesses to reach the right audience with their message.

Cross-device targeting

With Microsoft Advertising, businesses can reach their target audience across multiple devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet, game consoles, and TV streeming media, providing a seamless experience for customer journey.

Unique audience

Microsoft Advertising offers access to unique audiences, including those who use Microsoft products and services, such as Bing, Microsoft Edge, and LinkedIn, which can provide valuable insights for brands and B2B businesses.


Microsoft Advertising can be a cost-effective advertising solution, with competitive bidding options and better effciency when compared to other advertising platforms.

Advanced analytics

Microsoft Advertising provides detailed analytics and reporting, allowing businesses to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve their results.

Increase performance across your goals

Users who were exposed to the Microsoft Audience Network native advertising campaign saw incredible lift in their performance.

  • 3x lift in Awareness for users exposed to the native advertising making them more likely to search for an advertiser’s branded query.
  • 4x lift in Consideration, for users exposed to the native advertising who were more likely to click through to the advertiser’s website.
  • 5.5x lift in Conversion rate for users exposed to the native advertising who were more likely to purchase from an advertiser.

The Power of the Network

Microsoft Search Network

Microsoft Search Network

MSN allows you to create more customer connections, but also reach a diverse audience that will enable you to find your ideal customer. Half of our audience is:
  • under the age of 45
  • evenly split between male and female (57% men, 43% women)
  • 50% married people and 39% college graduates.
Additionally almost 40% of Microsoft Search Network audience has a higher than average household income.
Audience intelligence

Audience intelligence

Microsoft’s audience intelligence uses billions of data points, combining signals across Microsoft, including searches, web activity, browser behavior, and profile data to identify consumer intent and apply AI to increase performance. Thanks to audience intelligence you can focus on delivering great experiences for people through personalization that leads to better marketing performance for you.

Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft Audience Network

Through the Microsoft Audience Network, you can access our Microsoft audience and meaningfully engage with your ideal customers by leveraging Microsoft’s unique data about its users and their intent signals. Placements will appear on sites like,,, and Microsoft Edge, as well as on premium partners like e.g. Reuters.

Data privacy

Data privacy

Data privacy is always the main concern at Microsoft; thus, no data is shared in any way, and no external third-party databases are used. We always follow strict processes to remain GDPR and CCPA compliant and have no user generated content across ad placement portfolio. This philosophy allows you to safely engage with your ideal customers and address the unique touchpoints at customer journey.

The Power of the Network

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Full Stack Experts as a Microsoft Advertising Channel Partner offers a valuable opportunity for digital agencies, brands and businesses looking to expand their reach and drive more conversions through online advertising. As a Channel Partner, we provide access to a suite of tools and resources to help you better serve your customer journey, including multiple account management, training and support, and co-marketing opportunities.

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