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Introducing Digital Out-of-Home Advertising on Display & Video 360

  • Digital out-of-home ads available on Display & Video 360
  • Engaging audiences in public places like stadiums, airports, and shopping centers
  • Collaborating with leading exchanges for worldwide access
  • Customizing location-based and time-specific messaging

The path of today’s customers is anything but linear. They navigate between touchpoints and channels, making it crucial for brands to keep pace. Embracing the power of digital technology, digital out-of-home advertising has emerged as a popular choice within the realm of traditional advertising. It enables brands to connect with shoppers during critical decision-making moments, like strolling through a shopping mall or queuing up at the grocery store.

Digital out-of-home ads are accessible to all users of Display & Video 360. This means brands can effectively reach individuals during their real-world journeys, leveraging the efficiency of programmatic technology. From stadiums and airports to bus stops, shopping centers, elevators, taxis, and beyond, public screens offer an incredible opportunity for engagement.

A Fusion of Traditional and Digital Advertising

With the integration of DOOH ads into Display & Video 360, brands can merge the emotive impact and captivating formats of traditional out-of-home advertising with the efficiency of digital channels. Now, with a single plan, they can connect with audiences across screens of various shapes and sizes. The entire process, from strategizing and activation to reporting and optimization, can be seamlessly managed within one centralized platform.

This centralized approach, coupled with automated out-of-home campaigns, is particularly advantageous for brands with a global presence. It empowers them to reach their international audience through a unified tool. Display & Video 360 has already established partnerships with leading exchanges, including Hivestack, Magnite, Place Exchange, Ströer SSP, VIOOH, and Vistar Media, providing access to a vast array of media owners worldwide, such as Clear Channel Outdoor, Intersection, JCDecaux, Lamar, and Ströer. All this premium inventory can be secured through programmatic deals.

Flexibility and Contextual Relevance

Programmatic digital out-of-home advertising offers unparalleled flexibility. Unlike traditional buying tactics that often target a general region, brands can now tailor their messaging based on the screen’s location or the time of day. This level of customization ensures maximum impact and relevance for the intended audience.

Effective Ads in a Contextual Setting

Digital out-of-home ads placed through Display & Video 360 are not personalized, and they do not rely on individual identifiers or user location data. Instead, advertisers can target viewers based on contextual information related to the screen’s location, similar to traditional out-of-home ads. The difference lies in the convenience and flexibility of programmatic technology. For example, a fast-food restaurant can swiftly advertise on a billboard in a bustling business district during lunch hour, capturing the attention of office workers. Later in the day, the same billboard can promote an upcoming performance at a nearby concert venue.

Measuring Ad Impact

To measure the impact of digital out-of-home campaigns, publishers on Display & Video 360 provide an impression multiplier. This multiplier estimates the number of people who may have seen an ad, without relying on individual data. Such estimates enable advertisers to accurately assess the effectiveness of their digital out-of-home initiatives. Display & Video 360 diligently verifies all publishers to ensure compliance with measurement methodologies defined by industry-recognized vendors like Geopath. Publishers who self-measure are not supported.
Publisher impressions: The publisher’s estimated number of viewers per digital out of home ad.
Publisher CPM: The cost per thousand impressions is calculated using the publisher impressions.

Technical tips

  • In terms of formats, DV360 static images and standard movies are supported.
  • You can set up a DOOH campaign through Marketplace. And the available inventory vary from the publishers. 
  • To purchase digital out-of-home  inventory, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the partner or advertiser level.
  2. Go to Inventory > Marketplace.
  3. Choose the Out of home tab to find publishers for digital out of home inventory. 
    • (Optional) You can use the Filter to help refine your search by: product, location, venue, creative type, and orientation.
  4. In the Publisher column: Select the publisher link to view an overview of their inventory summary.
  5. Select Request proposal to view their available products. 
  6. Under Products
    • Choose a product by selecting Request proposal or
    • Choose select all to select custom locations
  7. Under the Ad units tab: Select Ad units from the list or view them on a map by selecting the map icon on the top-right of the table. The map view lets you geographically visualize and plan where you want to show your ads.
    • (Optional) You can turn on the Selected ad units tab to verify the coverage of your selected ad units.
  8. When you’re done, select Next.

Countries that allow you to buy out-of-home ads with Display & Video 360:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • Japan

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