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Knowledge base

How to build an advantage based on first-party data?

What RESULTS have been achieved?

What BENEFITS have been reached?

  • Time savings through the automated transfer of customer lists to advertising accounts,
  • Customer segmentation utilizing any available information from the data warehouse,
  • Hassle-free maintenance of list updates on accounts according to a predefined schedule,
  • The ability to quickly launch a personalized campaign to any customer segment,
  • GDPR compliance achieved by regularly “cleaning” recipient lists from customer ​data of individuals who have revoked their marketing consents.

What were the CHALLENGES?

  • The desire to build sustainable solutions that allow for the extensive utilisation of first-party data in paid digital marketing efforts,​
  • need for even more efficient utilisation of advertising budgets through the implementation of personalised communication directed at segmented target groups,​
  • utilising the possibilities offered by technology to optimise the work of the marketing team through the automation of repetitive, manual processes,​
  • the necessity of ensuring security in the process of supplying 1st party data to advertising platforms.​

How did we DO that?

The solution we recommended to address the above challenges was the implementation of Audiences.automated – a proprietary tool for activating first-party data in marketing platforms. With built-in integration, the tool has a direct connection to the BigQuery data warehouse on the LPP side, enabling continuous access to transaction history and necessary user data. This configuration allows for efficient creation of audience segments, which are essential for conducting hyper-targeted and personalized remarketing. ​

This implementation fully fits into the strategy of the organization for which the omnichannel model is the foundation of operation. It draws not only from resources from both online and offline channels, but also allows you to carry out activities based on a cross-channel approach and obtain related benefits, which are primarily more effective budget distribution with a better adjustment of communication.

Marek Pełszyński, Analytical Team Manager, LPP S.A.