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Google Analytics 4 360 Google Analytics 4 360

Unlock new possibilities in web analytics with GA4 360. Embracing the future of data analysis, GA4 360 offers advanced features that enable a deeper understanding of your customers' journeys. Invest in GA4 360 today and uncover the full potential of Google Analytics!

Understand your customers

Understand customer journeys across devices and platforms
– unified, deduplicated data using both your 1st party data and Google signed in data.

Connect insights to results

Integrations with Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Salesforce make insights actionable to improve your marketing ROI.

Unlock new insights

Use the power of Google’s Machine Learning to get the most value from your data.

Measure safely

Invest in an analytics foundation built for the future with privacy-safe solutions to preserve your measurement.

GA4 Free vs GA4 360



Main users

Mid market / SMB clients


Event parameters

- 25 per event

- 50 event-scoped custom dimensions per property

- 50 event-scoped custom metrics per property

- 100 per event

- 125 event-scoped custom dimensions per property

- 125 event-scoped custom metrics per property

User-scoped custom dimensions

25 per property

100 per property

Eneterprise feature


Compliance, audit notifications, roll up reporting, access to attribution data modeling drivers.

Support and service


Access to elevated services & support offerings (e.g., gTech)








- 200 created per user per property

- 500 shared per property

- 200 created per user per property

- 1000 shared per property

Analysis sampling limits

10M events per query

1B events per query

Unsampled explorations


Unsampled results up to 50B events per day per property

API quotas

- 25 000 tokens per day

- 5 000 tokens per hour

- 250 000 tokens per day

- 50 000 tokens per hour

Data retention

- Up to 14 months

- Options: 2, 14 months

- Up to 50 months

- Options: 2, 14, 26, 38 and 50 months

- XL properties: 2 months

BigQuery Export

- Daily export: 1M events

- Streaming export: unlimited

- Daily export: Essentially unlimited

- Streaming export: unlimited

Cooperating Tools

Integrate data gathered from Analytics 360 with Campaign Manager 360 to easily implement floodlight codes and measure your activities even more comprehensively.

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Reach the specific audiences you care about with greater precision. You can also view the performance of your Display & Video 360 campaigns in Analytics 360 for a more complete view of results.

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Our Services

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Each tool is licensed separately, but you can purchase it as a Google Marketing Platform full stack. Please send us a brief to get more information on the pricing model along with the terms and conditions of using the GMP ecosystem.

Full Stack Experts helps companies and agencies implement and set up Google Marketing Platform tools. Along with workshops and trainings the GMP's technology can be used efficiently right from the beginning with all of its advanced features.

In addition to the ongoing support, FSE provides its partners with extensive trainings and workshops on using the selected tool. The level of the aforementioned course will be defined on customer’s demand.

At FSE we provide a tailored set of consultation hours. We provide strategic consulting including the creation and implementation of comprehensive development plans. We focus on strategic analyzes (resources, industry and competitiveness) and developing strategies to implement in media campaigns.

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