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Door to success: How to increase brand awareness by engaging users on the website?​

Whatwere the CHALLENGES?

  • Increasing brand awareness by inviting users to the world of doors in the form of a new version of the online service
  • Putting the planned image activities into the user’s involvement on the website in actions indicating interest in the offer and willingness to visit the offline point
  • Helping users move from the inspiration phase (THINK) to the action phase (DO)

How did we DO that?

  • Together, we defined website elements that indicate user involvement (repair file download, e-book, catalog download and configurator). Then, we arranged them in the userpath, so that, following it, they will penetrate deeper and deeper into the world of the door, being under the brand’s tender care all the time. In the operational layer, we determined the cost of each such action to be able to efficiently optimize media campaigns.
  • The activities were carried out using the DV360 platformbut were based on close cooperation with publishers and data providers (display and video). Individual emission spots, their visibility and precise targeting were adapted to the above actions and optimized on an ongoing basis. Using the DV360 allowed us to properly bid and manage capping. Strictly range activities were also accounted for on the website.
  • We used audience lists to make it easier for users to engage in the visit and go through the stages of getting to know the brand and products. Each of them was accompanied by a suitably tailored outfit.

What RESULTS we achieved?

H1 2022 vs H2 2022