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All eyes on TVP

Whatwere the BENEFITS?

  • analysis of user journeys shows impact of changes to content and features, helping to increase content consumption
  • machine learning models enable personalization of content, improving viewer retention
  • analysis of live-streaming and traffic enables scaling of resources to cater for viewing spikes, without loss of quality

With Google Cloud, we can now use real-time data to efficiently shape the viewing experience for our viewers. It’s exactly the competitive advantage we needed to ensure that Telewizja Polska can continue to get our high-quality content to as many viewers as possible

Piotr Zimak, Head of Efficiency for Internet Platforms and Services,
TVP Telewizja Polska

Whatwere the CHALLENGES?

  • the arrival of global streaming giants HBO Max and Disney+ in 2022, and SkyShowtime’s launch in 2023, are adding to Poland’s already crowded television market, threatening Telewizja Polska’s market share
  • before turning to Google Cloud, Telewizja Polska was dependent on an external data analytics company for digital viewing insights
  • for Telewizja Polska to continue to reach the widest possible audience, it is important for the broadcaster to be able to compete on the same footing as the data-driven streaming platforms

How did we DO that?

  • we implemented an end-to-end data collection process, by standardizing data and creating video-content tracking plans
  • we established good governance and secure access-management policies
  • when an issue arose with video-data analysis during the proof-of-concept phase, we realized the problem was caused by a variation in standards across viewers’ TV devices; to solve the issue, we began using the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol, resulting in far more input data